If finding the perfect debutante dresses for your Cotillion ball was easy for you then finding the perfect accessories to match should also come easy. But sometimes, despite how beautiful and grandiose the dress is people hardly think about the accessories to match their dresses anymore. It is the total package that can make you look your best. I remember this one girl during my ball who was wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I think it was a Vera Wang dress with a sweetheart neckline that perfectly accentuated her breasts; a ball gown made out of lace with floral patterns and a ribbon waist. The dress was so gorgeous but her accessories were no match for the elegant dress i.e. leather cuffs and floral shoes. She may be trying to make a fashion statement by injecting her personal style but the elegance and classiness of the dress as well as the occasion was lost. You need the right accessories to pair your dress with.


Accessories For Debutante Dresses: Jewelry

An occasion like this, you should never leave your house without jewelry. Jewelries add sparkle and glam to any outfit. Silvers and Gold are the perfect types of jewelry to wear during such occasion. But be careful not to overdo your jewelry especially if your dress is already a statement on its own. If your dress is already clad in rhinestones and sequins, a simple jewelry would be your best option. A simple pearl or diamond stud earring would be best. Stay away from necklaces if the top of your dress contains rhinestones and sequins. A simple white dress is the perfect canvas if you prefer to accessorize as much as you can. You can pile on jewelry ala-Rachel Zoe to turn your outfit from simple to statement.

Accessories For Debutante Dresses: Shoes

Shoes are very important in debuts. Think like Cinderella and wear shoes that are very elegant and classy just like her glass shoes. Many people tend to neglect wearing the right shoes because most of the time it is covered by the dress anyway. But just in case it shows up, you want to show people the perfect shoes for your dress. Choose shoes that are in harmony with the color of your dress. Shoes with rhinestones are an elegant choice of footwear. But aside from style, you should also choose shoes that are comfortable since you will be dancing too.


Accessories For Debutante Dresses: Bags

You need a bag to keep with you things that you will need during the course of the occasion. Your bag should be the perfect size to carry all your essentials but not too big like your daily bag. Clutches and minaudiere bags are the most preferred, as they are just the right size to carry all your essentials. However, carrying a bag is entirely optional. But just in case you do decide to bring a bag with you, choose one that is complementary with your dress.


Accessorizing Your Debutante Dress

Debutante DressesChoosing the right accessories to match your dress should be easy. Just take cue from your dress and make everything complementary instead of clashing. Remember, the right jewelry, shoes and bag can make or break your debutante dresses thus, you need to choose them wisely. Shape Up While you Walk with Skechers Shape-Ups at shoes.com

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